Ear Infection Remedies

Before opting to treat your ear infection, it is first necessary for you to receive a conclusive diagnosis from your Doctor. The reason being, that ear infections may be fungal or bacterial in nature. Failure to adequately address this scenario, can result in compromised healing, or worse exacerbated infections. Continue Reading →

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Ear Infection Symptoms in Infants

Babies are quite fussy, so it is generally easy to determine when something is wrong with your child. Besides the obvious sign of irritability and moodiness, there are a range of other symptoms that your child may be experiencing. A summary of the common ones follow; Continue Reading →

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What Is A Cat Ear Infection?

A cat ear infection is most likely the result of mites. If mites have been ruled out by the veterinarian, then it is often a symptom of an underlying illness. While most cats do not often get these infections, it is important to understand what they are and how to treat them. Continue Reading →

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What is a Fungal Ear Infection?

A fungal ear infection, as the name implies, is an uncomfortable situation, arising from painful swelling and inflammation of the ears. Also known as otomycosis, this disease normally affects the ear canal and more commonly the outer ear. If the outer ear is the predominantly affected area, the main manifestations are itchiness, with transient bursts of acute pain.

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Signs of Ear Infection

With the winter approaching it is good to know what the signs of ear infection are, the sooner you realize if yours or your child’s ear is infected, the quicker you can seek professional medical advice from your physician.

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Ear Piercing Infection: What You Need To Know

An ear piercing infection is not something that can be ignored. In fact, depending on where your ear is pierced you may have to seek medical help in order to avoid a potentially serious outcome. There are some things you need to be aware of in order to keep your piercings healthy.

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Dog Ear Infections: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Have you ever noticed that your dog’s ear smells bad? Is your dog constantly itching inside his ear? If so, it’s likely that your dog has an ear infection. Yes, a dog ear infection. Just like humans, dogs too are susceptible to bacteria growing in their ear canals and turning into an infection.

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Baby Ear Infection – Symptoms and Treatment Options

The most common baby ear infection occurs when a cold or allergy causes a swelling in the eustachian tube. This causes a blockage that allows bacteria to grow in the middle ear. Continue Reading →

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Introduction to Ear Infection Types, Symptoms, and Treatments

Infections can happen to anyone. Anywhere in the body. An infection, in other words, is the presence of foreign materials (microscopic organisms, parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.) in or on our body that create pain and harm in one way or the other. Due to the form of the ears, it is usually a perfect place for infections to spread, most commonly young children suffer from this type of infection, although, it can happen to anyone – even the pets. Continue Reading →

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Ear Infection Home Remedies

In the past, ear infections brought to the attention of physicians usually resulted in a prescription for antibiotics. Today, most doctors are aware that frequent use of antibiotics is not a good idea. It can lead to immunity, as well as other possible complications. The good news is ear infections can often be treated at home. An ear infection home remedy can clear up the infection without any of the side effects associated with medication.
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